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17 May 2012 @ 02:05 pm
• still didn't sleep that good because of storms.
• woke up late and woke Anna up late but she stayed home
• got home fed boys and made wontons. Just sat down to eat wontons and nance said she was on her way! OMG another short week! :( it feels like she is just working to pay sprint while dad is 78 yrs old and working 40 hrs a week. Not right!
• took naps
• waited to see cc first appearance on bold and beautiful ... It was awesome!
• after work it was weird that Anna didn't come off the bus.
• made pork chops and potatoes for suppa
• went to ascension mass at St. Ks but had to leave after homily due to incense!
• stopped at liquor store and market basket
• season finales of Missing and Grey's Anatomy! Lexi died! :(